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Regulations Disciples' Studio

OBS! As you book the studio for the session you desire, you are responsible to follow the reulations for behavior and appearence in the studio, if you don't follow the regulations we reserve the rights to cancel your booking without warning and without refunds. 

therefore we urge you to carefully read the following chapters. 

§1. You can be held resposinsible if you make any mistakes with the machines or the programs in the studio, so make sure you understand what we explain to you, and ask if you have the smallest doubt. 

§2. You can be asked to replace anything that gets destroyed during your session, and we expect you to handle everything in the studio with respect and care. 

§3. You are not allowed to bring and enjoy food inside the studio,

if you want to bring something to drink you must make sure that your drink of choice has a sealing cover. 

§4. We expect everyone to dress decent and modest, meaning no revealing and body tight clothes. 

§5. Women must cover their hair when they are in the studio.